The Work of Doug Pauls

The work of Doug Pauls encompasses imagery and lettering. He is especially fond of quotes, which inspire the spirit to make leaps into the unknown. One of the most amazing accomplishments has to be the heroic size, or one and one half times life sized,  sculpture commissioned by a private collector for the restoration of a small, historic church. The sculpture is of basswood and is painted by another artist. It features Saint James, holding a staff, and is located outside under its own shelter.

A massive wardrobe with large bears, Celtic woven borders and quotes features


Panel in door, now mounted in the frame

an extraordinary amount of detailed carving. He developed the concept and executed the carving on the cabinet, designed and built by Tamarack Fine Woodwork and Construction. Please have a look and enjoy the beauty and humour and joy demonstrated in the artwork.

Spring 2016, one of the projects completed shows a wild rose carved by artist Doug Pauls in the top panel of a large door made by Black Forest Wood Products Ltd. for one of their customers.