Doug Pauls Wardrobe in process

About Us

Magnificence Art Studios is a cooperative of artists dedicated to enhancing the well-being and self-confidence of participants through courses and projects.


Doug Pauls Nature quoteDoug Pauls, a graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design worked as a commercial artist for a time with Andy Hordos Design and a number of large corporate clients and eventually followed in his Doug Pauls Saint Jamesfather’s footsteps as a specialist in making signs. Doug’s work is hand-carved, or sandblasted, and painted. He has tackled heroic sized sculpture and other smaller architectural and artistic commissions in his practice as an artist. He instructs several carving and sign making courses at both Black Forest Wood Products and at Lee Valley Tools.


Photo on 2013-01-17 at 10.00 PMGeoffrey Lyford is a designer and building contractor in commercial and residential construction specializing in highly detailed interiors and energy efficient construction.
His Arts and Crafts feature the Culinary Collection at BumbleberryPie. He has worked as an inventor and technology developer for the construction industry in various new technologies, some of which have entered the mainstream.  IMG_20151121_004210Geoffrey works in his spare time as a skiing coach for youth with Winsport Canada.



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